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Two pairs move on to SWTS finale

By Katrina Burch
Special to Figure Skaters Online

Ballroom dancer and figure skating enthusiast Katrina Burch has covered Dancing with the Stars for Figure Skaters Online and returns to cover the first season of Skating with the Stars. Here are her thoughts on the December 20 episode.

First up there is a group skate then a different routine. This should be interesting.

Group rehearsal
First up Rebecca is laughing over Jonny’s apparent ego. Then each talk about pressure. Apparently there is flirting going on between Jonny and Rebecca… They go and help out and work with some kids. Quite adorable. Jonny a little late with that lift… but go into a nice rotational lift and a very nice throw. Ethan and Bethany do a press rotation lift and a intricate dance lift where she’s upside down… Finally Fred and Rebecca do a shoot the duck, with a overhead arabesque lift as well as lovely rotational star lift. Not a fan of this group routine but it was cute and it’s hard skating as a group. Johnny and Rebecca are definitely the best out of the three and deserve to be in the finals. Bethany? Not so much.

Johnny: So much fun. The War is on. Bethany nice whipage of the hair
Lauiranne: Can’t believe they’ve only been skating for 5 weeks. Nice flexbility to Rebecca
Dick: Takes his hat off them because they’ve had to learn to skate plus skate to music, with a partner and perform as well. Great Platter lift

Scores: Jonny/Brooke: 8
Rebecca/Fred: 9
Bethany/Ethan: 7
All couples very close

Rebecca and Fred
In their package they talk about last week. Rebecca talks about trying to “let go”. Shows Rebecca sister coming in who says that she’s going to make everybody cry. Shows her competitive side. Very soft and romantic start. Innovative dance lift. Rebecca and Fred separate and look like a true dance couple. Very gorgeous seat lift. Tiny slip before the half butterflies, Into a rotational dance lift. Very very romantic ending. Gorgeous routine!

Johnny: That was stunning and taken to another planet. Did everything perfect. Soundest competitive. Bowled over. Give the guts
Dick:Entire performance was a whole unit! Beautifully intertwined. Quiet, soft, and very comfortable doing the lifts. Unified program
Laurianne: Fulfilled dream and looked like a great skater.

Score: Tech: 9, 10 (First one of the season!), 9= 28
Artistic: 10, 9, 10 = 29
Total: 57/60 + 9 = 66

Bethany and Ethan
Their package shows them working and her fighting. And her being feisty. Not sure I’m a fan of her outfit. Skating to Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” (and yet again the singers butcher it). Nice sit dance lift. STILL looks tentative! Choreography is really lacking. Okay rotational lift. They go around the loop to pick up speed. Very nice sit lift, Not as impressive as Rebecca but good trying. Nice to see a Ballroom hold! Really low on that spin lift and looks like Ethan didn’t have a great hold going into it.

Laurianne: Has done so great every week. Gets that its not easy. Used her strength and told a story
Johnny: Impressed this week. Performed from start to finish. Felt something and it came across on the ice.
Dick: Looks Gorgeous. Is a fight and an apparently bent the knees. Very sneaky and put in steps that put in talk from last week.

Score: Tech: 7, 7, 7 = 21
Artistic: 8, 7, 7 = 22
Score: 43/60 + 7 = 50

Jonny and Brooke
Their package shows last week’s performance. Shows Jonny going to a ballet class and in a tutu… someone forgot to show him that men don’t wear those. Shows him trying to axels…But frustrated. In their routine, with a nice blues song. Very… sexual. Not that I mind. Lovely overhead drape lift. Not a fan of Brooke’s costume though. Much more finishing of the lines for Jonny. Improved from last week. Into a very good death spiral. Lovely reverse entry lift. Not sure if I like that routine… I don’t know… something about it just didn’t fit with me.

Jonny:What this competition is all about. Improved continuing every week. The song cheapen the sexual appeal. Wanted more soul, passion. If the only thing he has to comment on is the song selection that’s a good thing.
Lauriann: loved the song selection. commend choice of song. Good work. Open shoulders
Dick: Had vigor. Had speed and attack and liked it. Listened to the judges. Don’t need to stick tongue out.
Explains song selection while his wife watches on…

Score: Tech: 9, 9, 8 = 26
Artistic: 9, 8, 9 = 26
Total: 52/60 + 8 = 60

At the elimination, The first couple safe is Rebecca and Fred (Shocker! *eye roll*). The other person in the finals is not Jonny and Brooke. WHAT. THE. DUCK!! So not cool!


Photo courtesy of ABC

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