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Jordan Moeller prepares for fourth annual benefit show, “One Skate at a Time”

By Gina Capellazzi
Photos courtesy of Jordan Moeller

For the past four years, 2014 U.S junior silver medalist Jordan Moeller has organized a benefit show, “One Skate at a Time,” which benefits Children’s Oncology Services Inc. This year’s show is Saturday, April 25 at 7:00 p.m. at the Southwest Ice Arena in Crestwood, Illinois. We caught up with Jordan for a question and answer session about the show.

Figure Skaters Online (FSO): What is “One Skate at a Time”?

Jordan Moeller (JM):
“One Skate at a Time” is a figure skating benefit show that I have been organizing for four years now. This show benefits Children’s Oncology Services Inc. (COSI).

FSO: Talk about the summer camp, “One Step at a Time.” How did you get involved with this cause? How have they benefited from this show each year?

JM: COSI puts on a summer camp where children with cancer can go to have a traditional summer camp experience while having the medical resources necessary for treatments. I was connected with COSI through one of my teachers from Richards High School, Deb Swanson. Her niece, Julia, has dealt with cancer and has attended this camp. So far, we have raised over $20,000 ($10,000 last year alone) for this cause and I am excited to see that number grow!

FSO: What is your goal for this year’s show? How much are you hoping to raise? How many people are you hoping will be there?Show

JM: My goal for this year’s show is to make it even bigger and better. I would like to see the stands packed to capacity and our numbers exceed those of last year’s show!

FSO: How hard is it for you to plan a show and train for a competitive season at the same time (especially when you are in Colorado and the show is in Illinois). Do you have any help with planning the show?

JM: The planning that goes into this show has proven to be challenging. Trying to get everyone on the same page with travel, volunteers, ice time, etc. is always a fun task. Fortunately for me, I have a great team of people back in Chicago to help me out. This show would not be possible without them.

FSO: Who is skating in the show, besides yourself? Are local skating clubs in Chicago taking part? Any of your training mates performing?

JM: I am very excited about the cast list this year! I have six other members of 7K Skating Academy [in Monument, Colorado] traveling to Chicago with me, including Olympian and National Champion Jason Brown, Mariah Bell, and Tyler Pierce. Some other skaters from around the country include Jimmy Ma, Ashley Cain, Hannah Miller and Daniel Klaber. There will also be performances by Southwest Ice Arena’s house synchro team, The Chicago Radiance, and Northern Ice Skating Club’s Theater on Ice team, Creative Ice Theater.

FSO: This is your fourth show. Looking back at the first show, talk about how far you have come with the show since the beginning and where you see it going in the future? Did you ever anticipate this becoming an annual event?

JM: Looking back on the beginnings of this show, I am truly amazed by how far this has come. I am so thankful for the positive support this show has gotten and I honestly can’t believe how much it has evolved. I would love to see this show take off even further though. I have thought of the possibility of making this a traveling show. It is definitely something I would like to consider for the future! I think I had kind of hoped that it would become an annual show but I never thought that it would become as big as it has now!Show3

FSO: Any special “behind the scenes” information that you can share for what people can expect if they come out to the show?

JM: It will be a night of great skating from Olympic, international, and national level skaters!

FSO: New this year: You set up a GoFundMe account so people could donate who are unable to attend the show. What made you decide to do that?

JM: I did set up a GoFundMe account. I figured that this would be a way to potentially bring in some more support for the show, both through advertising and fundraising. So far it is proving to work pretty well!

FSO: There are a lot of big benefit skating shows out there (Skate for Hope, An Evening on Ice, FrenchieSkate, etc.). What makes your show special?

JM: All of these shows are amazing events and I am honored to have a show to help raise money alongside them! We are all raising money for a similar cause and I am so honored to be a part of it!

FSO: Anything else you want to share about the show?

JM: The show will be held on April 25th, 2015 at 7:00PM at the Southwest Ice Arena in Crestwood, IL. Tickets will be sold at the door and will be $20 for Adults (13 & up), $12 for Children (6-12) and Children 5 & under are free. Hope to see you there!