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Vince, Jennifer pack up their skates

By Katrina Burch
Special to Figure Skaters Online

Ballroom dancer and figure skating enthusiast Katrina Burch has covered Dancing with the Stars for Figure Skaters Online and returns to cover the first season of Skating with the Stars. Here are her thoughts on the December 6 episode.

We already have two injuries this afternoon… who else is injured?

Poor Keanua comes out alone, Brooke’s hand is bandaged but they seem to handling okay.

This week’s required element is a jump! Judges will be paying attention to difficulty, distance, and height and must land on one foot. Plus Speed and attack.

Rebecca and Fred
Their package shows Rebecca bringing Fred to work then shows their practice injury. Says she’ll fight through the pain.
OK, not feeling Rebecca’s outfit… This was suppose to be a love story? Not so sure about that. That was a very nice aerial lift and an amazing pencil lift. I liked their dance choreography, could used a little more though. They had a very nice upside down split lift but the exit looked a little awkward for some reason. They have some of the best speed
(besides Jonny). She tried a single jump and it had good “tryness” but it looked slightly shaky. Loved the Death lift and into a pair at the end, it was lovely!

Johnny: Wonderful!. Third most difficult jump to do. Beautiful
Dick: Draping dick will get high marks. Saw confidence. Great lifts.
Lauriann: Beautiful Figure skater! Good story telling

Score: Tech: 9, 8, 8 = 25
Artistic: 9, 8, 8 = 25
Total: 50/60

I think showing their “accidents” is in EXTREMELY poor taste ABC!

Bethany and Ethan

See this is why I cannot stand Bethany. She drives me nuts! Tanith says Bethany has decided to a Toe Loop as her jump. I don’t like her hair piece but I really like this peice of music. Her lines are definitely better this week as well as her skating. Good beginner catch foot and a nice split dance lift. She had a good toe loop but a little shaky landing. I really liked the ending spin and the overall ending. I felt that her skating was definitely better this week.

Johnny: Bethany needs to listen to the judges and they’re not attacking her personally. They were better and starting to feel a bit more presence. Here to help not hate.
Dick: Trusting partner but not trusting herself. Not being secure. (Apparently Dick has seen the Real Housewives.) Needs to finish movements. Must take charge. Lauiranne: “heavenly” and “Angelic”. Tough love was good for her.

Score: Tech: 6, 6, 5 = 17
Artistic: 7, 6, 6 =19
Total: 36/60

It’s so cute when British people say “Bottom”

Vince and Jennifer

Package shows him going to Jennifer’s skating class and how he’s getting frustrated. He needs to finish his lines and then he almost drops Jennifer in that lift. There are some great moments but really needs to finish his lines. Him standing alone is dull. Good attempt at a jump but leaning over.

Johnny: So proud and happy that he took their adviced. Skating skills were better. Very impressed but needs to work on hands.
Dick: Honored that he took judges advice. Stroking was better but sees talent because apperently Dick has x-ray vision as Johnny strokes his arm…
Lauriann: Wanted to skate with Vince. Thing that she loves is that Vince can perform and has musicality. Great performance.

Score: Tech: 6, 5, 5 = 16
Artistic: 7, 6, 7 = 20
Total: 36/60

Brooke and Jonny

Package shows Jonny taking Brooke skiing and shows his “coaching style”. Apparently Brooke is really good at skiing and Jonny says it was annoying. Shows them having problems… uh oh. The thing Jonny needs to do is finish his lines just a bit more. Jonny is really getting into the character and looks well. One of the best thing about Jonny’s skating is his speed. For a beginner skater, he has great speed. I loved the star lift. Brooke compliments Jonny so well. Jonny’s jump went well but had a two footed stumble at at the landing. He kept upright and continued well! This story feels real and Jonny’s acting has improved. It had a really good ending and Jonny looks so relieved to get through that program without a fall or re-injuring Brooke.

Johnny: Insane beatiful. In it with you the whole time. Stumble on the jump but improved again this week!
Dick: Much improved expressiveness with the arms. Needs to improved posture. Glad Dick made the Tom Cruise lookalike.
Laurianne: Was romantic and emitional. Didn’t know Jonny had it in him. Felt the story.

Score: Tech: 8, 9, 7 = 24
Artistic: 9, 9, 9 = 27
Total: 51/60

Brandon will not be competing tonight but they show their training package. They call in Kyle and Lacey from Dancing With the Stars… They had chemistry? Um no… Verner tells us that the judges are going to be scoring a tape of the last completed rehearsal. Skating to a former Kimmie Meissner program. Had an amazing Jump! Great lunge sequence. Great lifts but the character for me just isn’t there. You can tell Keanua is really upset… Poor girl!

Johnny: Apparently is one of Johnny’s favorite. Johnny thinks he should have been here. (Disagree with this utterly! If a professional like a doctor tells you not to, you should listen to them, especially if you’re not a professional athlete.)
Dick: Hard to comment on a tape. Has a lot of confidence. Needs to stand up a little and more posture. Music was good.
Luarianne: Was impressed with the connection. Could see they came together as one.

Score: Tech: 8, 5, 5 = 18
Artistic: 9, 6, 6 = 21
Total: 39/60

Before tonight’s elimination, Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto perform to Carrie Underwood.

Tonight’s elimination starts with Jonny and Brooke being Safe. Joining them is Rebecca and Fred (um, no surprises here). Brandon and Keanua are safe. Vince and Jennifer and Bethany and Ethan are the bottom two with the lowest overall totals. The next star going home is Vince and Jennifer.


Photo courtesy of ABC

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