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Evan Lysacek’s ‘hip action’ helps him to second

Ballroom dancer Katrina Burch sat down with Figure Skaters Online to evaluate Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek and partner Anna Trebunskaya’s rumba, which the couple performed on last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Team Evanna performed last among the couples, who performed various dances to songs from movie soundtracks.

Evan and Anna danced a good dance! He had good hip action for not really having to do that in skating. I especially liked Anna saying “skating is so very different from dancing” and that she was worried about it. That so needed to be said.

Evan had excellent lines and great flow in those lines during the rumba. His understands the music so well and could hit positions like no other man in the competition. The song was faster than the original which made the dance hard but Evan and Anna worked through it. The main problem with this dance for Evan and Anna was lack of connection, emotionally. Yes, it was there somewhat but it wasn’t the romantic connection like I am use to seeing.

I thought Evan, who scored 27, and Nicole, who scored 29, basically tied for best dance. Its hard to compare as the Tango and Rumba are two different dances. The worst dance tonight was Kate and Tony, who also scored the lowest with the panel of judges once again.


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